Free pickup and delivery on Waiheke Island

Questions about our Products?

Do you ship your products outside of New Zealand?

At this time, we only ship within New Zealand. Please contact us at or via the contact form if you are interested in shipping elsewhere. 


Where do you sell your products?

Currently, we sell only on Waiheke Island but we can deliver anywhere in New Zealand through our online store. On Waiheke Island, you can find our products at the Ostend Market each Saturday between 8am – 12:45pm and at various specialty stores on the island (check here for the list of current stockists)


Are Isola products made in New Zealand?

All of the Isola product range is imported direct from Sicily. The sun-drenched Mediterranean climate provides a unique flavor to each of the ingredients and products are based on authentic Sicilian recipes that have been handed down through generations.


What type of tomatoes are used in the sauces?

Our tomato sauces are made with cherry tomatoes from the south east of Sicily, Pomodoro di Pachino.  These tomatoes are prized for their sweet flavor and long shelf life. We do not use any preservatives.


How long do your products last?

Most Isola products are preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil which increases the shelf life of the product compared to preserving in brine. The approximate shelf life is from 1 to 2 years, but please do refrigerate once opened.