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Caponata with Sweet and Sour Onions

This is a historic Sicilian dish and one of the most appreciated of Italian cuisine. A triumph of Mediterranean flavors, it’s taste is hard to explain because of the unique combination of savory and sweet ingredients. The result is unforgettable. (Serves 4)

Caponata is made from seven hand-chopped vegetables, which are then cooked separately to produce that typical, balanced, consistent taste that has made  homemade caponata unique in its rich flavour.
Caponata is one of the oldest dishes of Italy and was originally made by poorer families as it used affordable ingredients and could serve large groups. We have found the dishes that are most popular around the world have come from the poorest of beginnings and so caponata really shows the true essence of our people back in Sicily. Although there are many variations, I of course love the one I import. It is a Christmas tradition to serve caponata with crusty bread.

Onions are the queen of Mediterranean kitchens. They are sautéed in a pan and finished with a typical Sicilian, sweet and sour “agrodolce” seasoning. Perfect with meat and fish.


I like to serve the caponata and onions on the same plates, but they can easily be served separately. They are ideal with aperitifs, sides and starters. I highly recommend crusty bread as an accompaniment!

 (from both products) 

Pepper (capsicum), Celery, Onion, Carrot, Olives (green/black), Sundried tomato, Capers, Extra virgin olive oil, Black pepper, White wine vinegar
Onion, Balsamic vinegar, Black pepper, Demerara sugar (just a hint), Extra virgin olive oil, Pine nuts, Raisins, Salt, White wine vinegar